Samsung will copy Galaxy Fuld of media

After the delayed launch of the Galaxy Fuld, reported Reuters, that Samsung request of the reviewers returns a copy of the preview that got them so that they can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the problem of the screen.

During the last days, revealed to the reviewers that the screen of the Galaxy Fuld suffer from two problems: the problem most prevalent is to give the screen after the removal of the superficial layer does not play a role in the show thinking it’s just a protection layer, and the second problem is the bulging of the screen and half of it is what is likely to be related to the joints.

Has Samsung announced yesterday, Monday, they will postpone the release date of Galaxy Fuld indefinitely, after the days of the dates of all scheduled in each of China, Korea and the United States.

Will cancel the Samsung pre-order on the phone Galaxy Fuld, confirmed that he will remain the right of receipt of the first payment to the owners of the previous request, that you email them with information distribution through two weeks. As confirmed Korean that its main focus will be on providing the best experience of the consumer as possible, but no more than that.

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