Samsung will begin taking pre-orders on the Galaxy Fold on April 26


Depends phone Galaxy Fold a interesting web that has the ability to represent the beginning of a new era of designs of smart phones and their functions. However, while it has potential, but it will be available in small numbers, not to mention that the price of it up to 1980 USD which makes it out of reach of many customers.

However, if you don’t mind that track this phone early and spending about $ 2,000 on a smart phone, you may be interested to know that Samsung have confirmed to us today that it will open the door to pre-orders on the Galaxy Fold in day 26 of April. It should be noted that this date applies to both Europe and the United States of America, so it will be consumers in both regions are able to request phone Galaxy Fold Pre at the same time. It is also expected that the phone is officially the third day of May next.

However, don’t expect to be able to go to the Samsung store and experience the phone yourself. Because Samsung had previously reported that they want to control the experience of the house, which means that it may not be easy to find a demo. Instead, like the Samsung in the creation of shopping experience even more luxurious, like what you did to Apple when the launch of smart watch Apple Watch Edition a few years ago.

It remains to be seen how the quality of the performance of the Galaxy Fold, especially since the price of the new technology stand in front of him, but we’ll have to wait and see what will happen in the end.


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