Samsung was not just frameless display

Samsung does not preclude the emergence in its range of smartphones with extra screen on the back. This indicates a new patent found by the journalists of the German it online MobielKopen in the database of the patent and trademark office.

What will be edge-to-edge smartphones in the future

In the description of the invention is a device — presumably a smartphone with two displays. The main is located on the front panel and has a minimal frame on three sides. The only visible ledge there at the top and serves to accommodate the camera and speaker.

The secondary display is based on the back. For him, the designers had to change the location of the main camera and flash, completely getting rid of the fingerprint scanner. It is not excluded, however, that it managed to integrate with one of the display or replace more advanced method of identification.

Galaxy X

Because patents usually describes the idea and the features of its realization, it can be assumed that in this way Samsung is preparing for the appearance on the market of foldable Galaxy X. this smartphone, according to industry sources, will receive two internal display and one external.

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