Samsung warned about the creases of the display and the overheating Galaxy Fold

A time-out that Samsung took on the correction of structural defects Galaxy Fold, coming to an end. The company took over a month to make sure that nothing can cause damage to your smartphone display, allowing finally bring it to the sale. However, as found by the American operator AT&T, at least one disadvantage of the Galaxy Fold, starting in the eye when you first look at the device, will not go away even in the updated version, which in the meantime gained another, not previously declared.

We are talking about the same furrow, which goes through the whole screen of the Galaxy Fold at the bending place. According to the official manual of operation, which, obviously, included with the smartphone, this room is a design feature of the folding matrix, and therefore can not be considered a defect and is not replaceable or in the limited warranty, neither the rewards program service.

What’s wrong with the Galaxy Fold

“Note: you may notice that through the centre of the main screen [Galaxy Fold] is a small fold. It is the norm for this type of devices. When folding the device, ensure that foreign objects are not between the folding part of the display,” — said in the statement.

But this so-called “features” Galaxy Fold does not end there. It turns out that being connected to the charger may be overheating and spontaneously to disable reception of power. The user manual says that this problem, like passing through the screen room, is a normal variant.

In this case, it is recommended to disconnect the smartphone from the mains and wait until it cools down. After the temperature of the internal components of the Galaxy Fold will come back to normal, it can be put on charge. However, how much time it would take to cool down, Samsung does not specify, many users rely solely on their own experience.

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