Samsung want to swim Huawei in the launch of the first phone with a hole in the screen!

Hours after the announcement of Huawei’s launch date nova 4 with front camera within the display screen 17 of September, Samsung has announced it will unveil Galaxy A8s officially on 10 September, a week before the full launch of the Huawei nova 4 !

Certainly this step is not a coincidence, since the announcement of Samsung about the design of the front camera of the new declaration Huawei for the same design, the racing the two companies to win the title the first phone with a camera front within the display screen!

The screens in both the nova 4 and Galaxy A8s are the LCD screens of the production of a BOE of the same type, but it is said that the quality of the screen of the Samsung phone better than the screen of the Huawei bit.

Is expected to buy the Samsung Galaxy A8s on the LCD screen measuring 6.3-inch display, and Snapdragon 710 with random access memory capacity of up to 6 GB, the front camera accurately 24 megapixel built-in screen and camera three in the back.

Now after selecting the Samsung this amount, would you change Huawei’s launch date nova 4’s?

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