Samsung uses prevail devices plastic other eco-friendly

سامسونج تستبدل مواد تغليب الأجهزة البلاستيكية بأخرى صديقة للبيئة

Samsung has announced about a new step in improving the level of global environmental, where she will replace the materials and tools packaging attached with the organs of another eco-friendly whether it is moving naturally or can be re-destroy them produce new materials.

The company will begin its new plan during the first half of the current year 2019, to become all the organs of phones and home appliances and other protected casings from organic plastic that moves or can reproduce it as well as paper types.

On the same effort, the company will re-design Chargers phones differently will be in matte finish so you don’t need a layer of plastic insulator as that are available on the old mills, and the new design is able to protect the screen when falling without the need for that energy.

The company expects to complete its transition to the New matter of 2020, to be one of the biggest moves the company has technical and electronics, and their impact not only on phones but also on all electronic devices if you will.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung previously announced a plan to improve the company’s work on solar energy fully, but it has been criticized because of the continued use of plastic significantly, will change that with the new plan.

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