Samsung unveils TV vertical wave millennials

Revealed company Samsung on Monday for a new television boasts that it is usable vertically, which is geared to millennials who are accustomed to watching video on smartphones more than TV screens traditional.

Can device the new TV – the so-called “the Cirrus” The Sero, and my “head” in Korean – that houses the screen-type QLED compared to 43 inches, which is usable both horizontally and vertically.

Samsung is aiming through the support of the vertical in your television, “the Cerro” to enable young users to watch video and play in trying to experience smart phones, however they can also watch TV horizontally.

Comes TV’s “the Siro” with speakers system, 4 channels in 1 and capacity of 60 watts, which allows its use as a music services broadcast via the internet. The screen can be used to display personal content, like a clock, or pictures, can be controlled by the plugin Smart your Samsung, the “Bixby” Bixby.

Samsung said in a publication: if your TV is new fits the different tastes and trends for millennials, “who would like to broaden their own content on mobile devices to the TV screen”.

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Besides “the Cyrus”, revealed Samsung is also a new version of her TV framework which is attached to the wall “free T” Frame TV, television which is placed on the armrest of the “workflow definition” Serif. It can be focused both to the screen from the type of QLED.

This intends Samsung put by the TV The Vertical “the Cerro” in South Korea late next May at a price equivalent to 1,630 USD.

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