Samsung unveils my phone Galaxy A20e وA40 in the conference Galaxy A80 last

Attract series Galaxy A lot of Lights this year, where the Samsung phones available this year a lot of changes in the design, Galaxy phones A20e وA40 and also Galaxy A80 is the latest of what made the Korean giant in the conference final.

Galaxy A40

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This year we witnessed a lot of changes in the designs of Samsung phones that are made in a series of phones available Galaxy A, where Samsung made phones possible with a hole in the screen, funded by extrusion of the upper, also made phones possible units of a pop-up or slider in the Galaxy A80.

Has Samsung made the design of the Galaxy A80 add new units slider which reveals the camera, which supports the user’s camera, editable camera forward or backward in the slide-in-module, which is a distinctive design that supports the dimensions of the best to work in full screen.

Also in the time that came out, some versions of the A series with the specifications of the Pioneer, came other versions of company specifications medium design is good, where it recently unveiled the Galaxy A20e that came with LCD screen characteristic size of 5.8 inches, with the design of the Infinity-V in screen.

Galaxy A40 Black

By the last reviewed Samsung’s new Galaxy A40 revealed in other markets over the past month, which comes close to European markets and a Infinity-U characteristic size of 5.9 inches, it also has a random memory 4 GB RAM storage capacity of 64 GB.

Come camera the front in this version accurately 25 mega pixel camera, it also features Full Car Wallpaper with double sensor 16 and 5 mega pixel camera, where it is expected to apply to these versions soon to the European market, but the Korean giant didn’t confirm the date availability of new releases in the market so far.



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