Samsung unveils model Galaxy Fold 2

Maybe avoid the Samsung scandal such as scandal Note 7 when I discovered the flaws of Galaxy Fold early Re-production modifications to the design; however it seems that the Korean company is confident of the future of phones collapsible, and are eager we are to model the second generation.

During its annual conference for developers SDC 2019, published Samsung a video clip for the design of a model may come by the Galaxy Fold 2, as it has undergone some changes, according to Samsung, which asserted that “this offer is for illustration purpose only”.

Reminds us of the design of old phones is a design “clamshell”, instead of that closes and opens like a book, it can fold the machine vertically, that the machine consists of one screen and the hinges tighter this time.

Strange that the new design eliminates the idea of having phones folding, namely, finding your role to play smartphone and tablet at the same time, which was the design of the Galaxy Fold first.

This has been a description of the source of Korea the design of the Galaxy Fold 2 before you reveal it Samsung, has stated then that the screen had come led by the 8.1-inch, with the prospect of having a second screen of not more than 1 inch display date and time information and notifications.

No doubt to convince us of the idea of the phone folding vertically going to be harder than to convince us of the Galaxy Fold first, what feature that can make the best from your phone normal?

This can be expected as the specification of the Fold 2 from the Snapdragon processor 865 leading to 2020, with 12 GB RAM, storage of 256GB at least. Often support networks of the fifth generation, and the shipping speed is 45 watts, that includes Android 10 with the interface, One UI 2.1.

Finally, it is said that Samsung will Fold 2 in the month of April next, to be in a lot of states other than the first version; it is estimated that the presence of a single screen will help a lot in reducing the price of the phone, knowing that the first generation provides approximately 2000$!.

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