Samsung unveils Galaxy j4.. w Android phones Go phone

سامسونج تكشف النقاب عن Galaxy j4.. ثاني هواتف أندرويد Go phone

The company revealed the Samsung world in official on phone its new Samsung Galaxy J4, which is the second phone company, the Treaty on the system of Android Go phone, does will receive adequate attention by users, or what?

Phone Samsung to talk

Issued the technology giant South Korean Samsung latest phones Samsung Galaxy J4, officially, a phone that is running Android Go phone version 8.1 OREO, not Android 9 Pie, just like its predecessor Galaxy J2, which was released a few months ago, specifically in August of last summer, to make some activity in sales of Samsung.

The essential difference here between my phone Samsung, J4 and J2, is a significant improvement in some potential, from phone Galaxy J4, on the relatively large screen of 6 inch, strictly 1480 * 720, with a battery capacity of up to 3300 mAh, and a storage capacity of 16 GB, which is double the capacity that had been owned by the previous phone from Samsung, j2, referred to the existence of other things are also similar among the latest phones Samsung.

Similarities between modern and newer

If the differences clear between my phone Galaxy j4 and J2, in terms of screen size and battery capacity, the storage capacity of the internal complications almost, the analogy is still clear between both parties, where holding the phone the new quad-core processor, speed up to about 1.4 GHz, there are also inside access memory RAM capacity of 1 GB, and numbers very close to phone j2 Galaxy from Samsung, with the situation in mind that the Android operating system Go, has been designed to work with hardware at least in terms of power.

Also with the note cameras the Galaxy j4, we find it is a replica of those available to cell j2, where holding the phone a front camera of 5MP pixels, and background of the reported accuracy of 8 pixels.

In the end, stayed to point out the non-disclosure of Samsung so far, for the financial value and market price of the phone later, which might happen some fuss in the smart phone market in the period to the next, just like his predecessors, other phone rollaway.

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