Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold folding

Samsung unveiled its phone rollaway finally, to a new category of mobile devices, as described by the “smart phone versions of Thor.”

Comes phone as the Galaxy Fuld (Galaxy Fold) in reference to the possibility of bending the face smoothly high, that can move between phone mode and tablet as we open and book; in tablet mode device is equipped with a 7.3-inch, either in phone mode and when the folds of the big screen, do Second Screen of 4.6-inch.

For the operating system it is based on the Android System 9, has come Samsung with app developers famous the likes of YouTube, Facebook, parking places display applications and synchronize them on two screens, so that breathing can resume use between tablet mode and phone.

To increase productivity, the user can open one application to put your phone to perform quick tasks like chat, and open up to 3 apps at the same time in tablet mode.

Detailed Galaxy Fuld specially designed to withstand the device flexing thousands of times without damage, as it comes hidden inside the body of the machine.

The mosques reader insight frame side right of the device, which is the traditional is no different than in Sony phones Xperia.

Enjoy Galaxy Fuld total of 6 cameras to export the device in any mode, selfie camera to put the phone, camera Selfie Dual in tablet mode, the camera background three.

Will be available Galaxy Fuld in four colors are black, silver, green, yellow beginning from 26 April at a starting price of 1920 dollars, the equivalent of 7200 SR.

A summary of the specifications of the Galaxy Fold

  • Processor by 7 nm.
  • Screen 7.3 inch accurately 1536 x 2152 pixels and the second 4.6-inch 840 x 1960 pixels.
  • 12 gigabytes of RAM + 512 gigabytes of storage.
  • Camera 10 maps the front of the phone, dual camera 8+dicks front of a tablet, a camera background of the trilogy 16+12+12.
  • Dual battery 4380 mAh supports shipping fast wired.
  • Android System 9.
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