Samsung unveils first OLED 4k 15.6-inch

سامسونج تكشف عن أول شاشة OLED 4k قياس 15.6 بوصة

Modern house by knowing electronic products consumer CES 2019 on the work of many of the technology companies on the production of OLED screens for 4K where the menu included both the Dell and Samsung, to reveal today the director of Department of marketing of tea in the company of the Korean giant Samsung Yoon Ji Nam from the first screen OLED 4K LED 15.6 inch.

So enjoy the screen accurately display HDR in addition to put fun colors in a very precise under the influence of external light; as the company explained that the screen panel to meet the requirements of the architectural specification in the display accuracy of the HDR to output black color known as “HDR True Black” so that it has all the pixels lit it up the screen to the color jet black when off, as well as enjoying strongly the brightness of the 600 Nate, which makes them able to meet the accuracy of the HDR 600 change 100% of the color space DCI-P3 to provide 34 million colors.

Comparing the screen with the LCD screens they look thinner and more brightness in the color output in addition to being less energy consumption, Samsung said it will begin manufacture these screens in the middle of February to be ready to provide Apple out later in the year and most likely will be the Spectre x360 is the first which will be applied by the company in July next.

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