Samsung unveils Chromebook Plus V2

Samsung today officially need Forum Chromebook Plus V2 is the latest version of chromebooks company’s own Korean giant.

Come computer Chromebook Plus V2 supported system Chrome OS with a keyboard the new and improved spill-resistant, as the Samsung re-designed the pen to fit with the new design of the curved display. It seems that the Korean company has been shaken to a large extent on the customs of the new device added a range of improvements.

Other improvements that have worked Samsung is update external ports, where Pat Chromebook Plus V2 has two USB-C and the entrance to the microSD port, USB 3.0 standard, as the screen of the 12.2-inch supports 1080p resolution. On the other hand, the Samsung has added a front camera accuracy, 1 megapixel camera, improved rear camera performance the 13-megapixel camera had no sensor, f/1.9 supports export in an environment of low illumination.

As for other specifications, the device Chromebook the new powered by Intel Celeron 3965Y card graphics Intel HD Graphics 615, in addition to 3 GB of memory random, 32 gb memory internal storage.

Chromebook Plus V2 will be available for sale formally starting from June 24 next vs 499 USD.


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