Samsung unveiling officially on the 4K screen OLED size of 15.6 inch for laptops


Technology has evolved the laptops significantly over the years, we have come to see the laptops thinner and lighter without sacrificing the technical specification. However, the only thing still laptops lacking is OLED screens, the laptops rely heavily on the LCD screens. However, it is expected to change in the near future, thanks to the company Samsung, which had recently detects OLED screen new has the size of 15.6 inches and accurately 4K.

According to the police, they say that this is the first screen of the 4K OLED size is 15.6 inch in the world. One of the advantages of using OLED screens is that they produce deeper black colors and more saturation, which makes images look vibrant. It is worth mentioning that OLED screens are one of the things that made the Samsung phones are very popular in the world, it was among the first companies that decided to use OLED screens in smart phones.

For users who want to edit videos and photos, it is also said that the OLED screens are the best in color reproduction, which helps in that. Given the companies that will be used to screen new Samsung, it appears that my company HP and Dell will be among the first companies that you will use this screen on their computers portable due to it already detects the edges of the installed portable with screen OLED at CES CES 2019, which was held earlier this month in Las Vegas, USA.

There is no information about the other companies that will adopt OLED displays in its computers portable, but we believe it only a matter of time before we start seeing OLED screens become the norm in laptops, just as is happening now with smart phones.


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