Samsung told how the AI in the Galaxy S10

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular features for any smartphone, when the handset manufacturers are launching marketing campaigns on their smartphones, and journalists writing on these smartphone reviews. In the last few months the term has become particularly popular when it comes to mobile camera, smart energy consumption or, for example, about the smart cover. A little clarity hype around AI decided Samsung.

There are two smart functions that interact with each other to make applications start faster. The so-called pre-loading the app learns the user’s behavior, for example, that after using the camera you start messenger. And realizing this, as soon as you start the camera, the system will automatically start pre-loading of messenger.

The second function, which is called vRamDisk, performs the pre-boot application – it determines the amount of resources required by the applications and takes them to a specific section of RAM. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ 8 GB of RAM as standard, and S10e – 6 GB, and all this considerable amount is needed in order to vRamDisk had enough space to prefetch data. Even the launcher can be placed in the preload, because he knows where your frequently used apps.

But not all of these applications should be allowed to waste resources. Special App function Leveling keeps track of the apps you have not used for some time and focusing on the received data, and accordingly allocates system resources. Applications with the lowest priority are a group Disabler App, and this means that you do not use these applications more than 30 days – this will be closed immediately unloaded from memory.

Still have the Samsung features like Adaptive Power Saving, and it works together with the function Adaptive Battery that appeared in the Android Pie. Together both of these functions can determine what today, for example, your smartphone will be a very tough day, focusing on to-do lists, calendar, and previous use of the device, and automatically activate the power saving mode.

The accumulated with the help of clever functions, the battery, by the way, can be transferred to other devices that are compatible with proprietary Wireless technology PowerShare from Samsung. As you probably know, this applies to everything from headphones to other smartphones. Also model Galaxy S10 supports fast wired and wireless charging and so you can quickly recover the battery charge.

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