Samsung to start production of units to random memory capacity of 12 GB for smartphones

After the production of memory chips eUFS 3.0 512 GB, Samsung has started now in production units DRAM capacity 12 GB of RAM for use in smart phones.

سامسونج تبدأ إنتاج وحدات ذاكرة عشواية سعة 12 جيجابايت للاستخدام في الهواتف الذكية

Samsung starts production of memory modules the capacity of 12 GB for use in smart phones

Download the new unit name LPDDR4X DRAM, and these new units to the standard LPDDR4X that uses a manufacturing process developed 10nm (1y-nm) that was introduced last year.

Samsung has made it through the accumulation of six slices LPDDR4X with a capacity of 16 GB in one package built to accommodate less energy also, the result is a single unit with a thickness of 1.1 mm.

In terms of performance, can be achieved provided LPDDR4X DRAM data transfer rate reaches 34.1 GB per second while maintaining less power consumption because of the increased RAM capacity.

Finally, it is expected to reach new chips to the sophisticated smart phones of the next generation in the early of this year, we expect to see in Galaxy Note 10 some companies that get their brackets from Samsung.

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