Samsung to announce postponing the launch events of the Galaxy Fold in China

Announced Korean giant Samsung to postpone the events of 23 and 24 April to launch the Galaxy Fold in China, without having to disclose the reason for the postponement of this event.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events

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It seems that the Korean giant was affected by the participation of the retrieval units preview your Galaxy Fold the final result of the project appeared in the screen, where they were to postpone the event previously scheduled to be held on 23 and 24 April in China to launch the phone.

On the other hand, did not defer to the Samsung event held in the United States to launch a phone so far, despite the start of gas available to break the phone screen from the first days especially with the pricing associated with the phone which up to $ 2000 almost.

The plans were Samsung’s first to hold a conference to launch the phone on 23 April in Hong Kong and then conference to another in Shanghai on the 24th of April, is also scheduled to hold a company conference, another in Taipei and in the United States on 26, where Samsung has confirmed the cancellation of this conference, too, until now.

Recall that Samsung had launched the alerts to not remove the layer of protection units of the Galaxy Fold, also expected to postpone the launch date of the phone in order to access the processing units of the phone to avoid the emergence of this problem in units sold later.


I know of

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