Samsung talk rivals phones the fifth generation and folding

سامسونج تتحدى منافسيها بهواتف الجيل الخامس وأخرى قابلة للطي

Next year will be a busy and challenging launch of the phones capabilities high within a series of the fifth generation; to deal with a number of communications networks that are ready to provide the service, according to Bloomberg sources close to Samsung that the last preparations to launch the first phones with capabilities to fifth generation, as well as phones foldable competing directly with Apple and other companies such as Huawei up.

The source also said that the company is in the midst of talks with the largest telecommunications company in the United States “Verizon”; in order to secure the launch of phone Galaxy S10 chip supports the fifth generation, where the American company to expand and increase the popularity of the technique across its network to be the situation in this area, which allows the transfer of data in tens of multiples of the fourth generation.

While the Korean company have the production line phones Galaxy A which is the line of productive and competitive in order to provide the specification of the medium at low prices to compete with other phones, as well as for its quest to launch the phone screen flexible, foldable to box on the throne of the line of the new hip is important in market share for the future.

The source also said that the company will issue three copies of the S10 will be one of them at an average of deal with capabilities a wide range of consumers, whose phone Samsung case taxi S10 main will be a flat AMOLED Grant City side at 5.8 inches, the three rear cameras and a front camera located under the screen, and start the round corners of the free edges of the top and the bottom, and there’s a copy plus the bigger screen as well as for the least price which will not contain the sensor fingerprint under the screen will be, but the curvature of the sides, while women would be but the headphone port will Android Bay according to the source.

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