Samsung support SmartThings rules of the new software to communicate outside the internet

Samsung announced during the conference the developers of the latter, expressed support for SmartThings rules of the new software to communicate outside the internet and cross-platform special.

Designed Samsung to develop SmartThings to support communication devices through a special platform, where the company by adding the rules of the new software to support the availability of smart devices that rely on artificial intelligence.

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Acquired Samsung SmartThings in 2014, where the target company is the development of intelligent devices to communicate via the assistant Bixby digital who is working on pairing smart devices in the ocean in a single platform.

And she was smart devices that support call بSmartThings Limited, which included surveillance cameras, sensors, motion, sensors, doors and other devices that rely on artificial intelligence to communicate, while up Samsung support now up to 5000 device, with Samsung developing its technology at a faster pace to compete with other companies.

It is estimated that the demo version of the new software for SmartThings by 2020, to support the sector’s bigger than the smart devices later, also rules work new software for SmartThings through shortcuts, and support smart devices that exist in one’s surroundings to work in conjunction with each other through pairing the devices.

Also scheduled to be paid rules new software for SmartThings in the integrated system are broadcast to the users, so I wouldn’t think installation rules code the new Turkish individual by the users.


I know of

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