Samsung support memory storage and ram the faster the air is adapted to

While some of the techniques at a slow steady pace, advancing other technologies such as storage and archers to jump to add significant improvements to performance.

In the formal event held in Hong Kong, Samsung’s industry-leading memories revealed about the new generation of memory flash storage UFS 3.0 next to their own devices next year.

In short, UFS-type memory internal storage used smartphones modern to store all of the system and even pictures and files personal to the user; and increase the maximum speed memory storage with each new generation means to increase read and write files what is reflected on the faster performance.

Using the technique of 3D NAND will Samsung manufacture memory, UFS 3.0 with a larger capacity in the same size, growing speed to its maximum pressure; what fits best used with the fifth-generation networks, functions and heavy such as video recording at the rate of the frames is high.

The first batch of memory storage would be 128 and 256 and 512 gigabytes, refers to bid farewell to the storage option of 64 gigabytes of address space in the flagship phones soon.

Samsung also announced about the new generation of memory, the Ram LPDDR5 expected arrival of its organs by 2020, raising the bandwidth for the current generation of 25 to 51.2 it/s and specific energy consumption of 20% at the same time.

Comes a new generation of memory ram after 6 years of the launch of the current generation LPDD4 in 2014, it is estimated that much effect on performance as it retains a memory of the radar application active while using them mainly on the speed of the action tasks and the various processes, so the capacity of LPDDR5 will be the perfect solution with the networks of the fifth generation by Samsung.

Source: AndroidCentral

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