Samsung starts production of chips V-NAND flash in China to invest 7 billion

النتائج المالية سامسونج

سامسونج تبدأ بإنتاج رقاقات V-NAND في الصين باستثمار 7$ مليار

Samsung started the Korean new stage of the production of memory chips V-NAND flash in China, where the company is working on filling the void in the high demand for these chips around the world especially in place of new industrialization.

Will the Korean company invested approximately 7 billion USD to start production line for the new chip which is expected to be completed by the launch in the next year.

Samsung has signed a Memorandum of understanding to build its interests in the new city of Xi’an in Shanxi province in August 2017, to begin with through its manufacturing of the chip developer from the NAND which Samsung manufactures also in its interests there.

Has got Samsung on the facility from the Chinese government for the first time, especially to talk about foreign investment in China where the government demands a share of 50% return of foreign investors, but due to the high demand for these chips in the Chinese market, the Government provided Facilities for the commencement of work.

Enjoy your Samsung approximately 50% share of the global market to manufacture and chip NAND, as you start to open the first line of V-NAND to provide the manufacturers of smart phones with the chip around the world, which means to increase the profits of the company by its competitors and keep at the forefront of the production of smart devices around the world at the same time.


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