Samsung starts mass production of memory LPDDR4X capacity 12 GB RAM

Samsung has started mass production of memory LPDDR4X possible with a capacity of 12 GB RAM, where support memory possible versions of smart phones.

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Produce the new versions of smart phones to a new level in the standards of the RAM, as the phone manufacturers to the highest standards RAM up to 12 GB RAM.

Has Samsung announced recently about her phone rollaway possible memory random 12 GB RAM, it also made the Galaxy S10 Plus also with a storage capacity of up to 1 TB of memory random 12 GB RAM, except that this version not featuring this form of memory is Samsung, with the memory LPDDR4 possible to address precisely 20 Nm, while the come memory LPDDR4X new accurately 10 nm.

Featuring memory chips LPDDR4X new smaller distinctive with a thickness of 1.1 MM, as characterized by quickly 4266 Mb per second, it is to support the small size of the chips memory to add more components in smart phones, or larger like a battery with higher capacity for example, and also come with the consumption of less energy.


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