Samsung starts manufacturing chip with 5 nm

سامسونج تبدأ بتصنيع رقاقات بتقنية 5 نانو متر

Samsung began during the beginning of the year manufactures chip processors smart devices with 7 nm which is a technique that appeared for the first time with a processor Huawei Kirin 980 and then processor Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm, but the Korean company didn’t leave a long time to even drink in the future of the chip, where I started working on the chips with 5 nm.

Samsung said it will begin manufacturing chips with 5 nm and then developed to run on smart phones and other devices before launch in the second quarter of next year to 2020. This means there are approximately 2,000 cancer with in a distance less than the width of a human hair. Considers the move certainly represents a major shift for the semiconductor industry and tortillas.

According to the Korean company, the technique of 5 nm will save energy by about 20% more than the technique of 7 nm, as will be used in the lifting speed to 10% more too, although the difference is not big, but it represents a strong leap forward.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung will use the technique of extreme ultraviolet which is developed to increase the effectiveness of chip with 7 nm which in turn will help them to move on to the technique of 5 nm without the need to start again, but using the resources of 7 nm, which reduces costs by a large percentage.

On the opposite, the company said it is currently working with a number of clients on the development of chip technology is 6 Nm at their request.

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