Samsung Smart TVs coming in 2019 will allow you remote access to your computer


Wouldn’t it be great if your TV reflects the content of your computer on? This feature is available already for some devices, such as AirPlay which allows users to iOS or MacOS, unlike the content of their devices to the Apple TV. However, will Samsung things to the next level with a its smart base in the year 2019.

Instead of just the opposite of what appears on the computer on the TV, you will be able to smart TV from Samsung to access computers remotely. Will this feature, which is called ” Remote Access | Remote Access“, basically allows users to control the computers of their own through their TVs smart. If you have accessories such as the keyboard, you can connect them to the TV to allow you to work and interact with them directly.

This means that in the event that you want to work on a bigger screen, or want access to the files in your computer while you are in the living room, you should feature allows you Remote Access to do so. Thanks to the cooperation between Samsung and VMWare, the leader in the field of software. The best part is that there’s no need to use additional accessories such as HDMI cables, making this system completely wirelessly.

According to Mr. Hyogun Lee, who holds the position of executive vice president for television at Samsung, it has stated by saying : ” pick up Samsung create a user experience that is easy and convenient for consumers. With the advantage of Remote Access, consumers will be able to easily access several programs, applications and cloud services installed on many of the connected devices directly through the screen of the smart TV of their own. We will continue to collaborate with our partners to expand the availability feature Remote Access, and provide more services for our users “.


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