Samsung showed the key technology Galaxy S10

Display Galaxy S10 will probably occupy the entire front panel of the smartphone, leaving no room even for the speaker. Specifically for this case, Samsung Electronics has developed a display module, which will automatically emit a sound upon contact with the ear.

Bone conduction

The latest technology of sound transmission through the screen, which should find application in the new flagship, based on bone conduction and are ready for commercial use. This was confirmed by Samsung itself, bringing a working prototype of a smartphone with the new display to the exhibition of the Society of Information Display (SID) 2018.

A similar development has been repeatedly used by manufacturers of smartphones in their edge-to-edge solutions. One of the first vendors, using similar technology, was Xiaomi, which, however, was forced to abandon its further use because of the many imperfections.

If the new generation flagship smartphone of Samsung will actually be able to get rid of the part on the edges of the display, its diagonal, apparently, will grow at least to 6.2 inches, predicts ETNews. In this case, the manufacturer will be able to abandon the Plus version in favor of an even larger Galaxy X.

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