Samsung showed the key features of the Galaxy Fold in a series of promotional videos

Years that Samsung spent developing the Galaxy Fold, were not in vain. The company’s engineers have managed not only to teach a smartphone folded in half, but to come up with and implement a number of unique usage scenarios, justifying its form factor. This confirms a series of leaked promos showing which Samsung intended to coincide with the international release of the Galaxy Fold, scheduled for may 3.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Fold not claim the title of camera, its photographic opportunities are at a very high level. The main camera system consists of three modules, enables a three-fold optical approximation without loss of quality with a choice of three grades after the snapshot was created. The same feature works on the front camera.

What good is a Galaxy Fold

Another feature of the Galaxy Fold, which is realizable only in the folding smartphones is a feature called Continuity App. It provides the possibility of continuous execution of tasks on both screens. Thanks to it you can start to work with a smartphone when folded and then unfold it and continue to do the same thing, but on a larger screen.

The third trick, allowing to efficiently use the space on the display is a Hyper Tasking. In fact, Hyper Tasking is advanced multi-tasking, providing the ability to simultaneously run three applications. While you can run them both from the side menu on swipe from the right edge of the screen and clicking on the notification received, for example, from the messenger.

The reliability of the display Galaxy Fold

Speaking about the unique features of the Galaxy Fold, not to mention his screen. Samsung was able to design incredible in its properties display that combines flexibility, reliability, provide multi-layer protective coating and a high quality image. On this screen is convenient not only to work but also to watch the presentation and enjoy the content.

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