Samsung shipped the OLED screens more than the average for phones iPhone

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Despite the tense relationship between Apple and Samsung, there are still South Korean company is the main provider for Apple screen OLED display used in the iPhone. In fact, the shipments were going well so that he will be shipped a larger number than expected. Based on the volume of shipments in the month of December, will be the total number of companies in the range of 40 to 50 million units.

You say Samsung, or rather Samsung Display shipped 90 percent of the OLED displays used in iPhones, including phones iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For LG Display, they provide 7 to 8 million units of the phone iPhone 11 Pro Max. You numbers Samsung as every month :

Shipments of Samsung for the OLED sizes of 5.85 inch and 6.46-inch for the iPhone
July 3.9 million
August 8.4 million
September 9.9 million
October 9.8 million ( forecast )
November 5.0 million ( forecast )

Interestingly, expectations for the month of September was originally not related to 6.9 million units, but due to high demand for models iPhone 11 Pro New, increased company Samsung Display its shipments by 40 percent.

This is the opposite of what happened earlier this year when weak demand led the iPhone XS to a decrease in applications and an operating loss of $ 478 million USD in the first quarter. In the second quarter of the year, the company achieved a Samsung Display a profit of 641 million USD, thanks to pay Apple about $ 683 million dollars for the South Korean company exchange of accumulated inventory in its warehouses of the OLED screens because of the failure of Apple TV in the estimation of the demand for its smart phones.

As for the phone iPhone 11, it gets on LCD screens of the companies Japan Display and LG Display and Sharp. Expected to produce all models of iPhone coming in the next year to OLEDs, with the exception of what is now called as iPhone SE2, which will be your LCD.

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