Samsung set the date arrival of the Android update 9 a large group of phones

Samsung began the launch of interface, One UI – based Android 9 phones Galaxy S9 وS9 plus early in the day, just before the publication date of the arrival of the update for a long list of devices Galaxy On app Samsung Members.

Samsung already identified a January launch update One UI to the Galaxy S9 but it launched today, and because the system updates the large delayed a couple of weeks usually, the more likely it will be modern in our region to S9+/S9 through next January.

This means that the arrival time updates to the list of devices long shown in the image below is the same as the date of access for users in the Middle East, with the prospect of a delay for a few weeks as well.

Will be released update to Galaxy Note 9, during February and describes the list, followed by phones 2017-leading in March, then phones Galaxy (A (2018 expected in April with tablet Tab S4.

Controversial is the late arrival of the update to October 2019, where the beginning of the era of the arrival of Android 10 to phones competitors, and create a list of phones Galaxy S7/ S7 edge after receiving their Android draw Android Oreo.

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