Samsung seeking to develop graphics processors own phones and self-driving cars

سامسونج تسعى لتطوير معالجات الرسومات بنفسها للهواتف والسيارات ذاتية القيادة

Think Samsung of the largest global companies in the manufacture of the pieces and electronic devices, but because of the high demand for their products different they resort to some companies to develop and manufacture some of the pieces in its organs, especially talking about the use of the Processor Snapdragon from Qualcomm, or the financial products of the company to ARM’s own graphics.

But according to the plans of the new company, they will develop and manufacture graphics processors myself soon, so want to develop that piece of the identity of its smart replace the ARM processors used in phones in general, will also manufacture the processors for other devices like self-driving cars, processors, devices, machine learning, as well as devices that rely on artificial intelligence in general.

According to WinFuture, you Samsung on the development of the industry of graphics processors for phones with low budget in the beginning, and at the same time will provided for other devices.

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