Samsung scheduled the official announcement of the Galaxy S9

After sending Samsung for the litigation event disclosure for the Galaxy S9 New, we confirmed two important of the two from the phone, the first is that the phone will be formally unveiled on February 25 in Barcelona before the exhibition MWC 2018, and the second is that it’s clear that the company will focus in the called phone on the camera, so maybe we’ll see a phone with good camera to a great extent.

The price of the date of issuance of the Galaxy S9

Although we now know the date that we’ll see new phones come out into the light, but we don’t know yet the date of issuance in the markets. One of the previous reports reported that the phone may come in 16 March which is possible to be true but in the end could not be ascertained only when the official announcement of the release date.

And the price of the phone, why take away from the rumors, the filing reported that the price will be about $ 720, which is the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it was launched, to come S9 Plus at a price higher than the S9, but all of this also will be confirmed only on the day of disclosure.

Details and specifications of the Galaxy S9

Maybe there are some minor details that we know about the next phone which is semi-real, although not coming from the company officially, such as that the phone will be SIM Snapdragon 845 New which will Ports of the Phone Charging by the first full mostly. And also that the phone will come back with double the screen without the edges which we wish to be better than the screen of the Note 8 and S8.

Some other details can’t stop its like the battery size of the new phones, which we hope will increase, and also the exact specifications to perform as a camera phone and a lot of other things that are administered by the rumors during the recent period, such as the existence of the entrance of the earphones 3.5 mm in the new phone and the presence of sensor fingerprint under the screen to solve the problem of difficult access sensor footprint on the back of phones with large sizes.

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