Samsung says it will market smartphones for another ten years


Using the battle for the title company’s best-selling smartphone company Samsung and Huawei. While still Samsung retain that title currently, however, it should be noted that Huawei managed in recent years to reduce the gap between them and Samsung. The company announced the Huawei repeatedly its commitment to overcome its rival South Korean, but this is the first time that we hear a response from Samsung. Chief executive of the Department of mobile devices at Samsung, Mr. DJ Koh that his company will be the next decade as the first manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

When asked about the possibility of losing the first place, replied Mr. DJ Koh that as the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, I have focused Samsung is always innovating and improving their products, stressing that this is what will be taken into account also in the next decade.

Despite the decline in global sales, Samsung is confident its approach with flip phones, so imagine the CEO of the company it will represent the beginning of the emergence of the experience of use unprecedented in the world of mobile devices. Furthermore, the confirmed DJ Koh that the company was too busy to update the screen of the Galaxy Fold to provide user experience that is unmatched and without any noticeable problems.

Chief executive is also that Samsung is willing to expand the telephone line by the folding to include a larger base of consumers despite the lack of details about the price or the time frame for launch. We knew also that the French version of the digital assistant Bixby Voice is now in the pilot phase will officially soon.


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