Samsung said how to become a vlogger with Galaxy S10+

If you are reading this material, it is likely you ever thought about to plunge into the wonderful world of content creation. If you want to become contentneutral, namely, searching, and also use the main camera of my Galaxy S10+ (it was used for the filming of the episode of The Tonight Show with the participation of Jimmy Fallon, so to doubt it is not necessary), then Samsung is for you there are a few interesting tips.

The South Korean giant has assembled five tips to help vlogery to do the best content, using the flagship Galaxy S10+ and they include everything from enable Mode, Super Steady image stabilization to use Hyperlapse to change the time between scenes, eliminating the need to manually cut fragments of a video.

These are the five tips that the company recommends that novice vlogery taken directly from Samsung Newsroom:

Mode Super Steady

When you hold the camera in my hands, the slightest shake can be reflected in the footage that leads to great expenditure of time and effort on installation, as well as a large deferment of publication. Super Steady mode on Galaxy S10+ is able to eliminate the effects of hand, grooving video, predicting your movements and calculating the range of motion by using the ultrawide lens. To turn on Super Steady when shooting video, simply press the center icon at the top of the screen.

Super Slow-mo

Vlogery constantly experimenting with their content and format to attract a new audience and impress existing fans. Often the difference is in the details that make a video blog of digital content in a form of art. To make sure you haven’t missed any important actions capture the moment on the Galaxy S10+ mode Super Slow-mo. Recording 960 frames per second, mode Super Slow-mo replays 0.4 seconds of the footage within 14 seconds, creating impressive videos that give viewers the opportunity to explore every detail from the drops of water falling on the petal, until the decisive goal in a sports game.


Deceleration or acceleration, as well as a change of pace video can add a new perspective on everyday reality. Function Hyperlapse provides a perfect transition from one action moment to another, allowing you to slow down over time in the same video fragments and accelerate it in others, adding also smooth transitions between scenes, so you don’t have to resort to steep cutting. Moreover, since the effect can also be added after completion of recording of the original material, users do not need to worry about camera settings or to perform any extra steps during shooting.

UHD camera

Despite the fact that there are many different styles for vlahov covering countless different themes, they all focus mainly on one personal point of view. When the vlogger speaks directly to the camera, he wants him to have the best quality images to accurately convey his mood and reaction.

Galaxy S10+ is great for this purpose (making selfie video), as equipped with two front cameras, one of which is called a Selfie Camera and has a resolution of 10 MP. This powerful camera can shoot in Ultra HD, highlighting the contours and fine details of the face to Express every nuance of emotion. When it comes to installation, the gaps between the footage, filmed front and rear cameras, look smooth, and the difference in quality is quite noticeable.

Emoji AR

Creation of animated videos once demanded special knowledge and a large amount of time, limiting the type of content that can create vlogery. Now, with AR Emoji on Galaxy S10+, you can create your own 3D avatar and capture his movements while shooting, thus creating a real video with the virtual version of myself. Updated for the line S10, AR new Emoji have learned to accurately replicate the movement of your eyes and your body when shooting. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can also replace your head with a cartoon face Emoji your AR by selecting the function “Mask”.

And here is an example of all these recommendations in action with the Korean vlogger HongJun starring:

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