Samsung S9 what’s new?

Changed the smartphone market dramatically in the past five years has become the focus to make the screen bigger, improve the cameras. We noted a great emphasis on the development of distinctive and offer different ways to express emotions and capture the audio modification professional to get a good picture in low light and in different circumstances, and get footage of the movement of different and sharing with friends. One way or another, that’s what Samsung unveiled unveiled. at the World Conference phones in Barcelona 2018.

To return a bit to the end of 2017, we see that it has been providing smart phones to put it mildly she is wonderful and on top of iPhone X and px 2 and Note 8 and others, where she presented these phones experience is ideal for users more than ever. Here are Samsung open 2018 phone its exceptional S9 and S9 plus.

Although there is no significant difference between the S9 and the phone the previous S8. It’s clear the very considerable effort made by Samsung where it presented updates and improvements in this version, on top of the camera. It is possible to call it “camera phone“, because of the big changes we need and the new features added by Samsung.


Given the design as a whole, we find that the phone resembles a great deal previous phone S8 in Fig. However, there is adjustments to the design where came phone S9 edges thinner, especially the lower part. It has kept Samsung at the entrance of the headset. It offers also a difference in the materials used in the manufacture of the phone, as well as there is a difference in the place of the fingerprint sensor where it became in the middle of the phone below the camera.

The screen

The phone came with a screen Super AMOLED edge-to-edge sizes of 5.8 inches for the smallest and 6.2 inches for the plasma, and accurately display 1430 * 2960 and length-to-width 18:5:9.


After the success of the Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm began this year as the new generation of processors the future of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 built-in phone my Samsung S9 for the market-oriented American processor and Exynos 9810 for world. Thus, Qualcomm developed the cornerstone for all phones 2018. The Processor came with significant improvements on top of improvements to power consumption and performance.

Also the speed of data download of up to 1.2 GB thanks to the modem X20 LTE the new Qualcomm for the first time in the world, supported processor Qualcomm 845. Of course, actual speeds depend on your connection as well as the abduction of the two countries. The new processor is full of the new features don’t have the space to mention.

For memory RAM “RAM” the phone S9 with 4 GB while the S9 Plus with 6 Gb.

The camera

Rear camera girl Double lens

As many expected, they have provided Samsung in version S9 plus two cameras wallpaper two girl Double lens, and imaging very slow. Or copy S9 provided one camera fixed with no zoom capability, optical X2, such as in women plasma. Just as you would Apple in women plasma. Certainly will be an impact on the user but the camera for the younger still great.

Both phones equipped with a camera background accurately 12 mega pixel camera front camera 8 mega pixel camera. While it was expected to come camera background accurately 16 mega pixel camera and front 12 mega pixel camera. But the camera that precision is not bad at all especially with the feature of optical image stabilization, so don’t be afraid of the vibration during filming.

All the cameras in the phones of their opening Double lens. This is undoubtedly the advantages of the export good and so helps to control sensor of the camera in ambient light unlike a lot of cameras that have fixed slots.

A new feature added by Samsung in the camera in both phones which switch between the openings of the rear camera between the size of the f/1.5 and f/2.4, with my situation, f will be hosting an open lens with Dual light, whether bright or very dark, as is the case of the human eye, as the ticket to Samsung on its website. The challenge to that position through the camera settings during filming.

Imaging very slow or Super slow-motion

Offers Samsung on Friday and jumped a very big leap in slow motion. Apple made a slow motion to accurately display 1080 with 240 frames per second. While Samsung made 960 frames per second but with a lower resolution which is 720 and the exploitation of slow motion good in video shooting. Still property much. As well as the large area which the export of that property. However, a step on the road to better training for Samsung.

Slow motion presented by Samsung with a lot of other features such as “motion detection” it is through him is wait until the right moment to start slow motion. Well there are three ways to see the title of the comic is: “reverse motion” and “repeat forward” and ” swing” which is a re-shot certain three times. Another feature is to adjust the slow-motion video as a background in your phone display.

En Emoji

Samsung made a new property like money in the iPhone, though Samsung said on its website that it may not be recognized on some of the movements and expressions (due to the lack of sensitive three-dimensional). Through this feature you can convert your photos selfie to the image or picture cartons protect your character and your movements and your statements to your friends. You can also video recording of the face image or carton that protects you and your statements and share it with others.

Face Detection advanced

The Samsung S9 enjoy with face recognition advanced as it scans the face and recognize them in addition to the scanner the iris of the eye to increase security, launches Samsung it feature intelligent scanning, which is just choose the appropriate means intelligently, such as when the lack of lighting is the use of a surveyor of the iris only, and the presence of lighting is face recognition (the same Technology sixth in the S8) and when the Defense is forcing the use of the footprint.


Phone S9 with a battery of 3000 mAh and 3,500 mAh for the plasma. This is something inevitable because of the powerful processors they contain these devices.

The release date of the phone in markets

Select Samsung time to launch her phone S9 in March next. Will start charging pre-orders in the same month beginning from March 9.

What do you think of the Samsung S9’s new? Is there any revolutionary features or is it all just improvements? And do you plan to try this phone? Tell us in the comments.


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