Samsung s 9, and the issuance of the new S-Class soon

Knocked Samsung Electronics for a phone Two new S-Class and they are “Galaxy-S9” and “Galaxy-S9 Plus” or Samsung s 9 What will happen to the image in the world of smart electronics that are able to reformulate the way of communication between users phones and the device itself.

“Galaxy-S9” and “Galaxy-S9 Plus now in your hands

samsung s9 سامسونج اس 9

Phones are designed to focus on the response speed of the device events external capture outstanding images of the best moments even in the worst conditions of night photography or low light. The phone offers dual slots lenses to serve this purpose not to mention the video footage that could be photographed through the slow movements.

Not only did I just add more quality in the lenses improved, Add to that, too, magnified sound “stereo” with the audio signals from the tuner of the “AKG” that promote technical the “Dolby”.

Never forget the Samsung’s unique in its design for companies , and that have been developed significantly in the two phones is the new “Galaxy-S9” and “Galaxy-S9 Plus” to see the response and smoothness of the touch and the accuracy of the screen colors very dazzling.

Haven’t you ever forget Samsung users desire to control all the devices surrounding the once, was the technique of “smart items” smart things that you can connect all the devices by the mobile device.

Said Head of the Department of Information Technology and mobile communication, “Samsung” D G. Co, they have made sure they were clear of war during the development of version two of the new “Galaxy-S9” and “Galaxy-S9 Plus” May the enemies to be better at self-expression.

Made sure Samsung to reformulate the camera to fit the aspirations of the users , because they contain sensors high-quality with the “Double Pixels” to work in harmony with the processors power device which gives the end high-quality images require to review them many times after photography.

And here’s some of the features of a camera phone Samsung s 9, which impresses all new.

  • Export status is very slow with “Super Slow motion”

Through this wonderful phone will be able to adjust the imaging technique to become a “960” areas, not to mention for feature detection and automatic movements, and Motion-detection in addition to the possibility of activating the mode slow to get video clips and animated pictures

  • Export-efficiently in an environment of light low phone Samsung s 9

I didn’t stand low light the way against the camera vehicle lenses and the openings of the Samsung s 9, the technique used is “F1.5 – F2.4” and which represents the dual vents to allow passing of the light larger in the case of the ear, the existence of extra low.

And vice versa in the case of the appearance of the areas surrounded by adding high more than required to ensure I have a photo very bright

  • Emoji, a lawyer for the reality of Samsung

Extra Samsung the ability to add emoticons and try to face your personal photo shop.

The teacher needs to have more than one hundred the form of reshuffles on the characteristics of the face of man for a form of expressive three-dimensional restricts the user’s movements in an animated special.

For the sound , technically, plugin voice the “BixBy” is one of the best additions to the audio device. After opening the camera willing to change, is a preview of the figure and the ocean around is we are generating information by the voice assistant about the shape and degree of accuracy in this mode.

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