Samsung review the new design for phones collapsible

Phone Galaxy Fuld has officially put in some of the markets whether found by the phone bad or good, it appears that Samsung will not stop the development of the flip phones any time soon, this in spite of the problems faced by the phone Galaxy Fuld which also led to the delay of the date of its launch.

During the conference SDC 2019 developers posted the Samsung video on Twitter explains the design of the Imagine new phones collapsible own, and as you can see from the video the new design includes improvements directly to the design of Galaxy Fuld first and offers the possibility of folding the Middle second.

The new design greatly resembles the design of the Motorola Moto Razr rollaway expected to launch in the coming months! But in any case the sales of the Galaxy Fuld good so that the sale of fully in India, and now in the face of devices such as Galaxy Fuld, dead X and the Moto razor as well as a surf duo, are flip phones in its various forms is the future?

Source: Beebom

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