Samsung review platform digital content CUE

Samsung launches platform digital content and entertainment designed specifically for customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

During the middle of its second Middle East and North Africa, reviewed the company Samsung Electronics, its innovative platform to provide digital content and services entertainment multi-media first on world CUE, which has been launched specially for the customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to the company, the platform CUE enables customers to enjoy access to a comprehensive range of recreational offerings custom, including music, magazines and ringtones, so customers can now access the extensive library of the latest songs and music clips and playlists, in addition to thousands of the ringtones for a wide range of magazines, regional and local, according to the mechanism of the purchase smooth and comfortable.

According to Samsung, the Middle East and North Africa has one of the highest rates of youth among the population at the level of the world, addressing their needs and requirements in relation to the quality of the entertainment content that they prefer, which is what the Samsung push platform release CUE innovative, as part of its efforts to meet all the needs of its customers across the region in relation to access to entertaining content, comprehensive and diverse according to their wishes with a guarantee to provide the experience of using the series and interactive.

Are available platform CUE in 17 countries across the Middle East and North Africa, with the way the subscription series multiple payment options to include payment through direct billing or credit cards, so as to provide experience of the use of possible payment mechanism of the three steps with a focus on elemental security, simplicity, and apply a CUE from Samsung for download store Galaxy App Store.

Music provided by the platform CUE

Platform enables CUE from Samsung users to run and download the songs and music of their favorite through the provision of a music store and run advanced in the same region, so that customers participating in the Samsung service “All the Music” to access music library and overall provided this service in addition to a set of playlists that customers can save their favorite songs and return to it at any time even in Offline mode the internet.

In addition, the platform Samsung is innovative and allows users also the possibility of creating their own group musical their own by purchasing and downloading their favorite songs from the library updated with the latest songs and albums, and with providing product service payment series allows customers the option of payment by credit card or through a billing service initiative, has become the experience of listening to the songs more simple and fun than ever before.

Magazines on the platform of the CUE

Users can through the application of the platform to CUE access to all their favorite smoothly, they can also browse the leading magazines in the region via their smart phones, including a wide range of headlines in leading magazines in the Middle East and North Africa, so Samsung has worked to allocate all the available optimally fit their products, by providing a pleasant reading experience and immersive content with accurate colors and vibrant as in the printed version.

Ringtones on the platform of the CUE

The platform provides a CUE from Samsung thousands ringtones, for users who can choose from, allowing customers to browse the ringtones easily and buy the ones that fit their taste and their style, along with the possibility to browse all your music, their favorite, regardless of quality, along with enjoy reading magazines, my favorite users regardless of the kind including sports magazines and competent fashion, cars, business, news, etc., as well as customize your style with the ringtone that you like.


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