Samsung revenue decline despite the sales of Galaxy S10 associated

إيرادات سامسونج تتراجع بالرغم من مبيعات جالاكسي S10 المرتفعة

Samsung unveiled its financial results for the first quarter of 2019, and, as she had expected the company declined its revenues to more than 60% during this period despite the high sales of the safety of its phones leading the recent Galaxy S10 as identified in the report.

The company had achieved revenue of $ 15.64 trillion Korean won (about $ 13.4 million) during the first quarter of last year, but now she has achieved 6.2 trillion won Korea ($5.3 million).

Samsung said that sales of series S10 has achieved good results since its launch, however, a decline in its revenues due mainly to weak demand for memory cards and from other companies. But at the same time talked about the growth of the sales of memory cards high-efficiency special phones because of the request of many companies to the identity of its leader in the financial period.

The company added that the display division witnessed losses this quarter because of declining demand on the screens folding, as well as high providers of big screen in the market. In the able Television of the type of QLED and the massive growth during the financial period next to a section of the fifth-generation networks.

In spite of her talk about high sales for Galaxy S10 during the financial period, enabling them to sell 78 million phones in general during the first quarter, they reasoned dip section because of the big competition the identity of its medium potential for the presence of many competitors.

The company also expects continued decline in revenue during the third quarter, but on the contrary expect a significant rise in sales of the majority of its divisions during the second half of the year, whether in smart phones or memory cards and even screen TVs.

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