Samsung reveals prices for replacement spare parts mobile phones

Revealed South Korea’s Samsung about the price of replacement spare parts mobile phones smart phones have become today’s breakable, because of the increased reliance on the glass.

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The company is listed in its official website the costs of the replacement key pieces to the identity of its smartphones including the flagship phones phones medium specifications, including the screen, processor, battery, and rear glass, and you can see all the prices through this page in the official website.


Galaxy S10+:
– Screen: 208$
– Battery: 64$
– Rear glass: 31$

Galaxy A50:
Screen: 91$
– Battery: 35$
– Glass back: 35$

Galaxy Note 9:
– Screen: 200$
– Battery: 33$
– Rear glass:$60 a

These prices especially to the Indian market at the current time, with no clear indication when will it be available in other states, that the prices of the pieces themselves, and do not include labour charges and goods and services tax that are inevitable.

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