Samsung revealed some features of foldable Galaxy F and told of his price

Yesterday, during an official event held in San Francisco, Samsung Electronics showed a prototype of a foldable smartphone Galaxy F. the Manufacturer did not elaborate on the hardware specs of the new products, the timing of its appearance in retail and, of course, is price, focusing exclusively on the uniqueness used in its design developments. But hungry for innovation consumers were much more interesting technical details and, most importantly, the cost of future apparatus.

How did you find CNET, the Galaxy F will be equipped with extremely unconventional in its characteristics, displays. For example, the external panel will have a diagonal 4.58 inches at an aspect ratio of 21:9, making it the most elongated in the market. By this measure, the decision of Samsung will surpass even the flagship smartphones of Apple and Oppo, use in the production of displays standard 19,5:9. The resolution of the external display Galaxy F will be strange and will be 840 x 1960, which in turn will give a fairly high pixel density, equal to 420 ppi.

Foldable display Samsung

Internal display, which the manufacturer considers as primary, with a diagonal of 7.3 inches will have a resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels and aspect ratio 4:3, adding to the smartphone similarities with the tablet. According to representatives of Samsung display Galaxy F is made by unique technology QXGA+, which allows him to freely bend and unbend, and at the same time not to suffer from the formation of wrinkles that prevents a comfortable use, even during prolonged use.

Regarding the price and terms of the sale, the manufacturer chose not to make a mess of specific promises, but gave some guidelines. In particular, the actual smartphone is likely to be presented at the exhibition MWC’2019 in Barcelona, which starts in late February. However, no assurances that everything will be exactly, we are still there. Another question of interest to the public, is a question of price. According to representatives of Samsung, the company has not decided on the pricing, but solemnly assured that the device will go on sale at more than reasonable price.

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