Samsung reveal turn on the camera close to a smart phones provide the optical reach 5x


Brought Phone Huawei P30 Pro camera telephoto, which is based on the principle of perspective for the first time, followed by the phone for Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Edition after that, it seems that Samsung want to join the list of companies that want to provide cameras telephoto, which is based on the principle of perspective in its smart phones. And mentioned that, it has Samsung started the mass production for a new camera provides optical zoom up to five times ( 5x ), and according to rumors, it is possible to see Samsung use this camera telephoto new for the first time in the phone Galaxy Note 10.

Will not clear the sensor from the back thanks to the appearance of its slim $ 5 mm compared with a thickness of 6 mm in the Samsung cameras previous. On the inside, uses the sensors of the new prism to change the light path similar to Huawei P30 Pro but with a lens oblong instead of lens circular. Will be stacking the unit vertically which will help in keeping the fish low.


Made Samsung samples of images captured using the sensor’s new in zoom mode Normal and in the situation of x 2 and x 5, which you know its performance realism. Supposed to help the sensor of the new Samsung in reply to the solutions the doctor that we saw in all of Huawei P30 Pro and Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Edition. You should wait and see how will be the performance of this camera new best of Samsung in the real world, outside the scope of the tests usual.


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