Samsung reveal to us officially about the date of detection of the kidney from her smart phone rollaway

Galaxy Foldable

Revealed to us Samsung recently she was going to dislodge the curtain officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series new in day 20 of February next. Now confirm to US, formally as well-it will also detects her smart phone rollaway currently known as Galaxy F in the same day during the same event.

This information comes from some of the billboards that Samsung put it in some areas in the French capital Paris. One of the billboards says ” the future revealed“, while Billboard other ” 20 February “.

As you probably know, the Samsung detects her smart phone rollaway late last year, but did not provide only a few details. And then, the South Korean company introduced the phone for a limited group of audience behind closed doors at CES CES 2019, which was held recently in Las Vegas, USA. However, in day 20 of February, we’ll know everything about this phone rollaway, including the name of the official which will be released to the market in March or April next.


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