Samsung reveal the RAM capacity of 12 GB with storage UFS 3.0 for the medium category

Samsung revealed about the pack and warehousing segments of the multi-uMCP which combines memory and random-type LPDDR4X with a capacity of 12 GB the UFS 3.0 fast, and this package to the latest chipset RAM capacity of 24 GB which is manufactured on the basis of the 1y nanometer.

In the month of March of this year, Samsung produced the first units to random memory capacity of 12 GB, but they use 6 slices smaller with a capacity of 16 GB. Now, this new package of four slices with a capacity of 24 GB.

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Targeting Samsung market devices category average and the pack alternative with random memory capacity of 10 GB (which combine two 24 GB and two slices 16 GB). You can hit this memory random type LPDDR4X to the speed maximum of $ 4266 Mbps.

The company did not specify the storage capacity of the UFS 3.0, and apparently, it will be according to the preferences of the users. As Samsung plans to provide two packages uMCP new articles on a large scale, so it is expected to see many phones category average, which includes RAM with a capacity of 10 GB and 12 GB in the near future.


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