Samsung resumed the launch of the update to Android oreo for Galaxy S8

Resumed the Samsung launch Android update oreo to my phone Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ after solving the problem earlier.

Unlike the system of “iOS” the iOS equivalent to the Android system from the late arrival of the newer versions to users, the reason is attributed primarily to the large number of manufacturers for Android phones, as every company needs to make to its system to comply with the hardware of its devices, in addition to presenting the user interface specific to each of them.

And those companies, Samsung started earlier than the current month Android version oreo 8.0 to users phone my Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, so had all for the pilot program, which lasted months, then brought him to a number of the owners of the two phones in specific markets.

But after days without any explanation, Samsung has stopped the process of sending the update, also removed the files of the firmware for the two devices that were previously published, G950/G955-FXXU1CRAP, so that is no longer available for download servers Samsung.

Then Samsung has to clarify the reasons by saying: “after the emergence of a limited number of cases re-operation is not available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ Android operating oreo 8.0, we have stopped temporarily sending the update, We are investigating the issue internally to ensure reduce the impact on affected devices, and can resume the process of sending the update as soon as possible.”

And now it seems that Samsung managed to solve the problem, as it resumed sending update after the development of a new version of the firmware for my Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which became the name G950FXXU1CRB7 the first and G955XXU1CRB7 the other.

Comes update translation file size 530 MB Wichita those who already updated to Android oreo on my phone Galaxy S8, but for those who will upgrade the first time the file size will be larger.

Do you have one phone my Galaxy S8 and the update continued problem? Or you were one of those waiting for the update? We shared your experience for Android oreo comments.


Source: Samsung resumed the launch of the update to Android oreo for Galaxy S8

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