Samsung refused to fix a bug that disables its smartphones

Want I tell you a terrible secret? It is useless to look for the perfect smartphone because it simply does not exist. Otherwise, it would remain the only device on the market, and all the other manufacturers were forced to give up and leave into the sunset. Even the iPhone, which many believe is close to the standard, and then clicks on the nose, Recalling about one, then about another problem. Samsung isgoing with Apple on an equal footing, was no better, after all, its smartphones can incapacitate with only one application.

The author of the exploit that allows you to turn any Samsung smartphone into a “brick”, has become the developer with the pseudonym Elliot Alderson, reports Telegram-channel “Information risk”. It exploits a vulnerability in the system application The ContainerAgent, and, more specifically, in component called SwitcherBroadcastReciever that interacts with a com

How to turn a smartphone into a brick

Change nominal values in this component invariably leads to the failure in his work and, consequently, impairs performance of the smartphone, returning it to the activation page. It doesn’t matter which model you have — set the non-system of values consistently bring the machine down, not allowing to perform any kind of manipulation

It would seem that quite ordinary situation. In the end, those same iPhone owners are regularly faced with the so-called symbols of death that cause the smartphone to restart, but it does “ociresult” them. Just need to fix a bug, reassure users. But Samsung believes that the method of output of smartphones down, which found Alderson, not only difficult, but useless to the attackers. And since to steal any data, using an exploit is impossible, and to fix anything, in General, there is no need.

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