Samsung recorded patent DeX Live, will be the possibility of mirroring the screen of your phone wirelessly


You Samsung every year to improve a property of Samsung DeX which allows users to expand the functionality of their smart phones to cheap personal. Initially, Samsung launched the base of the Samsung DeX with the series phones Galaxy S8 Series, the company said after it launched an enhanced version with the series phones Galaxy S9 Series.

In the last year, the Galaxy Note 9 with the ability to run a property of Samsung DeX using cable ” USB Type-C To HDMI“, and now require Samsung to improve the experience of Samsung DeX by making it Wireless Full. This means that smart phones and tablet devices coming from Samsung in the future will be able to run a property of Samsung DeX full without the need to dock or cables.

Offer Samsung yesterday applied for a patent office European Union Intellectual Property in the name of the DeX Live. It is expected that Samsung this brand for the project.

Given the record of the previous Samsung, it is very likely that we see a property of Samsung DeX wireless new phone Galaxy Note 10 expected in the second half of this year the size of at least two different.


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