Samsung published some critical alerts to users of the Galaxy Fold

After monitoring more of a problem in the units preview of your phone Samsung folding Galaxy Fold, published the Korean giant alerts for mobile phone users to avoid some problems later.


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Trying Samsung make step quick response problem of the index of refraction of the screen of her phone, rollaway Galaxy Fold units in the preview, as a start posted Samsung alert users of the phone after removing the protective layer of your company, emphasizing the importance of this power in protecting the phone.

Also, although the protective layer in units of the Galaxy Fold which defines the fracture has not been removed in at least one of the modules of the phone, however, Samsung confirmed development on the critical importance of this power to protect the phone, where the removed will result in damage to the phone.

From another side came the handbook to the reform of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the Samsung Support Center mentioned the importance of layers of protection phone most of the time, however, this evidence is not available can users sure, also do not care about a lot of users often read the instruction manual guiding the use of smart phones, so you may need Samsung to netbook it clearly when you buy the phone on the importance of the protective layer.


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