Samsung produce of the sale of the first batch of her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold

I didn’t spend a lot of time on the start of Samsung’s receipt of a request of advance reservation for a rollaway Galaxy Fold which is available at a price of $ 2000, but that the Korean giant has announced the completion of the sale of the first batch of the Galaxy Fold already.


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Did not prevent the level of pricing associated with the Galaxy Fold a lot of users of the registration request and Prior reservation to buy the phone even with the price of $ 2000 for the phone, where the Korean giant completed the sale of the first batch of the phone, the company also sent notifications to some users who register reservation requests after the end of the inventory, which has confirmed to put this group on the waiting list to notify them accordingly when the new batch of the phone.

On the other hand, did not reveal the Samsung on the number of units sold of the Galaxy Fold in specific, but Samsung provided the different colors of the phone in the first batch, where the sale of such choices different in the colors of the phone in the early hours to open the door with advance reservation.


I know of

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