Samsung postpone update Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy Note 9 in some areas

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Maybe it was postponed update Android 9 Pie official phone Galaxy Note 9 in some areas. The site was managed by Samsung company in Turkey had originally stated that the update to Android 9 Pie will phone Galaxy Note 9 on the 15th day of January, but this page has been updated since then to now before 1 February.

It is still unclear what is the cause of this delay, especially if we take into account that some users have got really updated Android 9 Pie official phones Galaxy Note 9 their own. The testers have received the official version of the update in Germany on the fourth day of the month of January, description of this update after it for you Galaxy Note 9 in the United Arab Emirates today 13 January. Some other users on the forum XDA Devlopers install this update manually on their devices.

Are not yet monitoring any problem in the updated Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy Note 9 by users who have already received this update. Thus, we still wonder about the reason why Samsung to postpone the launch of this update in some areas.


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