Samsung postpone phone launch by folding in China

سامسونج تؤجل إطلاق هاتفها القابل للطي في الصين

Maybe not going so well for Samsung on the phone by folding recently, after the problems encountered by sample phones folding that I sent to the media for review, the company announced the postponement of the launch of phone Galaxy Fold in China, but without any changes until now in the launch date in other countries.

China is the largest markets phones in the world Samsung has been a work in any way to its place in the market through innovations such as various phone rollaway, but it would be for the Chinese to wait more to get on the phone and may increase the suffering of the company with the launch of other companies the identity of the target.

According to the website Engadget, the company does not want to link the events that got her mobile phone with the auditors to postpone the Special Events launched in China. Perhaps the reason is different, but the appearance of the postponement after the problem in walking down a lot of ink.

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