Samsung planning to launch Galaxy S10 camera three

This theme Samsung planning to launch Galaxy S10 camera three came up on Engadget.

Competing phone manufacturers to add the new always, and the addition of Samsung’s next in Galaxy S10 will be in the settings of the camera three.

 Galaxy S10-leak

Move Korean giant Samsung on the development of possible versions of the company rapidly, to keep pace with development ongoing with Apple.

In the statements of a reliable source for TechnoBuffalo, in which he confirmed the plans of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10, where the associated development next to the phone on the settings of the rear camera to the tripartite.

Among the information that came out of this factory also plans of Samsung to launch more than the phone model from model at a lower cost to the users.

He also stressed that models the Galaxy S10 three coming settings camera features sensor 12 mega pixel camera with lenses, wide-angle 78-degree FOV, the sensor 16 mega pixel camera featured with much more space 123 FOV.

While the Galaxy S10 Plus sensor 13 mega pixel camera with the lens telephoto angle of 45 ° FOV, that is, that this version would settings camera three.

Also noted by the source that the Galaxy S10 from Samsung will come to the same technical Aperture bilateral f/1.5 and f/2.4 which was launched by the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Projections indicate that Samsung destroyed the settings of the camera triple in the next version of the Galaxy S10, to improve the efficiency of export after collecting information across the three sensors.

This besides improving the quality of lighting in Photography, and optical stabilization built into the lens telephoto the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Also among the trends that have been spotted around the Galaxy S10, which indicates that Samsung is trying to add the sensor to the fingerprint in the screen, only the latter emphasized that this property will not be among the specification version this year.

It is worth mentioning that the settings of the camera tripod that Samsung plans to be included in the Galaxy S10 Plus refers to attempts by the Korean giant hard to regain its position in the market.

Galaxy S10 comes in three models according to the statements of the source, where the first model the size of a 5.8-inch screen and is model least expensive.

While the second model size of 6.1-inch screen, and form larger size of 6.4-inch, so we expect more details about the versions of Samsung’s upcoming over the next year.


This theme Samsung planning to launch Galaxy S10 camera three came up on Engadget.

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